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topofgames.com Private Servers Top 100 List shaiya top 100

  5 x kills

- Instant level for better and faster pvp:

  First time u logg on character please use a stat reset stone

from item mall to get all stat points.

         - Ep 5.8Server with Ep 4.5 Skills

         -Maxim Level 70;            
         -30 Days Package include: Red Phonix Charm, 30 day Continuaous Res Rune,
          Large Prevent of Items Drop, Large Eternal Endurance, Double Warehous,
          Large Increase Exp, Ressurection Rune free in item mall;

         -Free gear in item mall for all levels and classes (1-15 , 20-30 and 70);
         -Free wepons all levels and clases in custom Wepon Merchant in Bootleggery;
         -Lapisia and Recreation Runes free in custom  Lapis Merchant  in Bootleggery;
         -Lapis lvl4-lvl7 free in custom Lapis Merchant in Bootleggery;
         -Sonic Lapis LvL2 free in item mall;
         -Max Flash Lapis and Elemental lapis lvl2  free in item mall;
         -Enchant materials free in item mall;
         -Status reset free in item mall;
         -Teleportation Stones  free in item mall;
         -Party Member Summon Runes and Movement Runes free in item mall;
         -Events Every Day, Massive PvP;
         -New Customized Gear, New Bosses;
         -Friendly Staff.

Donation Items

-  in Jungle Secreta  drop 6 donation items (2 pieces of armor, 1 piece of wepon for darks, 2 pieces of armor and  1 piece of wepon for lights) at 100 % drop rate every 2 hours

 -  in Deep Desert 1, Secreta  drops 6 donation (2 pieces of armor, 1 piece of wepon for darks, 2 pieces of armor and  1 piece of wepon for lights) at 100 % drop rate every 2 hours

LoS Staff

Lights:                       Darks:

[Adm]dan                                           [Queen]Roxy

League of Shaiya Staff HERE

Have Fun With Us, Vote US!



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