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[GS] Application
simoxDate: Saturday, 2012-04-28, 9:13 PM | Message # 1
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Ingame Name: Red.Dragon
Real Name: Mohamed Rouhi

The Faction you apply for: I am applying for the Union of Fury

Your Age: I am 17 years old

Languages: English / French / Arabic / Spanish ;)

Where do you come from?: I am from Morocco

How long have you played shaiya?: Started playing Shaiya 3 years ago,then stopped it and started 2 years ago.I have spent most of my time on OS and then after about 1 year i started server testing and have tested almost every server which came out after i started testing p-servers.

Reason why we should choose YOU?: Well first of all i wanna make clear why i made this application.I am making it because i like helping people,i would like everyone to have as much support they need 24/7 and also make the server welcoming and fair for everyone.

I am friendly/calm/easy going/helpful/funny(especially if you get to know me better you'll see that ^^)/trustworthy etc and have the patiece that a stuff member should have so that i can keep ''Dont lose your patience and remain calm in every given situation'' rule.My english is perfect so i can get in contact with most of the people without any problems and the other languages i know are also a plus for communicating.I can be online up to 8-9 hours a day and more on the weekends.I like organising fun events like H&S,trivia,naked pvp,geared pvp on places like jungle,DD1/DD2, and other events which can keep a suitable and fun envirronment for everyone who plays and also don't forget 1-15 and 20-30 xD Also i am able to leave whatever im doing to help the people like leave the pvp or something else that i would do.I will be making sure that all the rules are being followed and also that the ones who break them will get punished( no exceptions for friends,relatives etc ) because simply people must learn to keep up with the rules.I'm online on many forums all day long ( i will be here too from now on xD ) and i will be able to help the people who got problems here too.Finally,i would like to be chosen as a [GS] to make the server a more welcoming place and enjoyful for anyone who plays at the moment and for everyone new who comes every day.That's really important for especially new people on the server because it's sure that they will need help,and they must be given the help they need in order to think of themselves as welcome on the server and have loads of fun.I could continue talking until tomorrow but thats not the point.I just want to say that i would be a really good GS and i will try doing the best i can to keep everyone happy.Thats all i have to say.If you would like to know more just send a message on skype ^^

Thanks for the time you spent reading my application and i hope that i will get chosen ^_^
Forum » Activies » [GS] Aplications » [GS] Application
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